Public Library Online and Google Bring Virtual Bookshelves to U.K. Public Libraries

Dec 13, 2011

Beginning in January 2012, Public Library Online (PLO), through a partnership with Google, will offer its members digital editions of books on "virtual bookshelves" accessible on library terminals and online. The two shelves available are The Arden Shakespeare and Our Environment.

The Arden Shakespeare offers 10 plays that are on the General Certificate of Secondary Education national curriculum. Our Environment hosts 10 books, including The Hot Topic by Gabrielle Walker and Sir David King. Libraries will be able to opt into the program throughout January; the shelves will be available through February 2013. Libraries that already have these shelves through the PLO service will be able to pick from a range of alternate digital shelves.

PLO is a subscription service for libraries in the U.K., U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Denmark. PLO allows libraries to give their users online access to books, offering themed digital bookshelves of children's, teen, adult fiction, and non-fiction bestsellers from a range of publishers.