PubSub’s LinkRanks Measures Blog, RSS Feed Movement, Popularity

Sep 27, 2005, a prospective search tool for tracking what people are saying about topics, has announced the formal release of PubSub LinkRanks, a tool for tracking the popularity and influence of blogs and Web sites. This service provides detailed data that bloggers and feed publishers can use to actively monitor the results of their publishing efforts, and gain insight into how to improve their future rank and influence.

PubSub LinkRanks measures the strength, persistence, and vitality of links appearing in the more than 16 million Web feeds monitored by PubSub. PubSub has also made available the PubSub LinkRanks 1000, a list of influential sites that publish feeds, based on their average LinkRank scores during the past 30 days. PubSub gives bloggers access to virtually all of the raw data used to compute PubSub LinkRanks. PubSub provides the data as an Atom feed, as XML-based structured blogging elements and in tabular and graphical format.