Providers of Learning Content Face Multiple Delivery Challenges

Dec 11, 2014

According to a new survey, professionals who create and deliver training and educational content for both business and public sector organizations face a number of challenges in today's content-driven marketplace: lack of resources to maintain content, reduced time to market, and the analytics to measure effectiveness. These are the findings of the 2014 Educational and Training Content Trends Survey, conducted jointly by Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL), DITA Strategies, and Lasselle-Ramsay.

Among the 200 professionals who participated in the survey (who were able to select more than one answer), more than 48% reported that maintaining content is their "greatest challenge to developing and delivering training content." In addition, 47% noted the lack of analytics to measure learning effectiveness as a top challenge, with other top challenges being "reduced budgets" (42.5%), "time to market" (38%) and "out-of-date information" (34.5%).

Another key finding was that only 25% of training groups use XML to create materials. A majority (65%) still rely on Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word (58%). In addition nearly two-thirds of respondents reported that development and maintenance of training content is managed by individual groups or divisions within their organizations.