Provalis Research Releases an Enhanced Qualitative Data Analysis Freeware

Jan 17, 2017

Provalis Research announced the release of an upgraded version of the qualitative analysis freeware QDA Miner Lite, developed to include some of the new features added to the full version of QDA Miner.

QDA Miner Lite 2.0 now includes a document overview, tree-grid display, image rotation, and resizing, importing from PowerPoint and a conversion tool for seamless conversion of NVivo files into QDA Miner Lite. Also available in Lite 2.0 are new date and time variables, type transformations, category memos, and the ability to record numerical variables into ordinal variables, move columns in table reports, resize string variables and import document creation date.

QDA Miner Lite 2.0’s new features complement those already present in QDA Miner Lite, notably intuitive on-screen coding and annotation of texts and images, a fast Boolean text search tool, code frequency analysis, coding retrieval and exportation to and importation from a wide range of programs and file formats.