Protected Media Launches Supply Side Ad Verification to Create Trusted, Fraud Free Connected TV and OTT Marketplaces

Sep 24, 2019

Protected Media, a provider of ad fraud detection solutions, announced the launch of its groundbreaking SDK for CTV and OTT.  With the new SDK OTT traffic can be verified at the source for the first time, providing media buyers with clean marketplaces in which to purchase fraud-free, viewable inventory.

The SDK is unique as it verifies each impression which is then digitally signed. The data attaches to the impression as an identifier which can be authenticated by anyone along the distribution flow at a trusted Protected Media server. The SDK also provides a constant live data source to facilitate the artificial intelligence powering Protected Media’s Prebid Solution.

Protected Media’s OTT SDK is available for content owners, OTT operating system providers, and technical OTT platforms. The use of the OTT SDK by supply side partners removes the burden of validating traffic from the advertisers and places it in the hands of the supply side who can use verification as a tool to boost CPMs and protect their own reputation.  

With OTT ad revenues predicted to double by 2020, trends indicate that OTT is ripe for exploitation and supply side stakeholders have no protection from opportunistic cyber criminals who regularly exploit vulnerabilities in the ad tech stack.

In a unique position as a supply side verification vendor, Protected Media empowers customers to define data parameters for analysis.

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