Protected Media Launches Pre-Bid Solution for Improved Ad Verification

Aug 23, 2018

Protected Media, a global provider of digital advertising solutions that detect ad fraud and improve traffic quality, announced today that their pre-bid anti-fraud solution is available for real-time granular optimization of online advertising campaigns. Protected Media’s pre-bid solution utilizes a variety of data sources including post bid data, to provide a more informed choice to the demand side’s bidder. The solution includes an on-premise cache, to reach near real-time responses for minimal latency.

Mars Media Group, a global performance marketing agency that serves over 15 billion impressions daily, uses Protected Media’s pre-bid fraud detection and prevention solution to verify inventory for all ad formats across all devices. Protected Media’s pre-bidding solution enables Mars Media Group to examine traffic quality at multiple levels, enabling them to block only the portion of traffic that is fraudulent based on post-bid data, without cancelling out a supply partner all together. By providing their advertisers with verified, trusted traffic, Mars Media Group is able to increase the marketer’s ROI.  

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