Prospero Technologies Acquires Talk City

Nov 26, 2002

Prospero Technologies LLC, a provider of Web-based community infrastructure and services, has acquired the assets of Talk City, Inc. a consumer Web brand with over five million registered members. A popular lifestyle and entertainment-oriented community that entered Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings last August, Talk City enables members to conduct chats with friends and to join online clubs and discussion groups. Talk City will be relaunched and operated as a sister service to Delphi Forums as part of a new venture and majority-owned subsidiary of Prospero. Delphi Forums is an online community with nearly a million new messages posted each week and over five million registered members. While the new subsidiary will derive revenues from subscriptions, sponsorships, and cross-promotion, Prospero will continue to focus on its business of providing outsourced community infrastructure and services to Web sites. Talk City and Delphi will use the full breadth of Prospero's platform and features, including real-time chat, message boards, tiered membership plans, moderation, and promotional tools. Prospero's suite of services are currently in use by Web sites such as, Fox Entertainment, Ziff-Davis Media, Tribune Interactive,, Elektra Records, BusinessWeek, and Major League Baseball. These services include Select Groups, services that are tailored to match tiered or for-pay membership plans; Active Content, a tool that integrates discussion areas (forums) with the overall site, and Cluster Controls, for community management. Other Prospero offerings include message boards, hosted live events, end-user personalization, remote posting, automated emails, network promotions, syndication and private labeling, internationalization, moderation tools, reporting tools, and user-created forums.

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