Prospero Supports Jabber Open Protocol

May 23, 2003


Prospero Technologies LLC, a provider of Web-based collaboration services, has announced support of the Jabber open protocol for group messaging. Jabber, the open XML application protocol for real-time exchange of messages and presence between points on the Internet, is formally supported as an access method for many of Prospero's core services. The enhanced services have already been adopted and are immediately available to certain premium members of Delphi Forums, an online community service built on the Prospero platform. Delphi Forums' 22,000 paying members can now enjoy a higher level of interactivity as they participate in discussions and group chats in thousands of active forums. Jabber enables these members to immediately see which of their friends are online, who's in their favorite chat rooms and more easily manage the forums they host. Jabber services are also now available for use by all of Prospero's other major clients. Prospero provides message boards, real-time chat, moderation tools, registration and reporting systems for Web properties such as, Fox Entertainmen, and Prospero's implementation supports the core Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) and the Multi-user Chat (MUC) extensions. Prospero's clients, or their end users, can choose from a variety of available Jabber client programs, many of which are freely available under open-source licenses.

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