Proofpoint Introduces Secure Messaging Module

Jul 29, 2005

Proofpoint, Inc., a provider of large-enterprise messaging security solutions, has announced that the company will incorporate Voltage IBE (Identity-Based Encryption) technology into Proofpoint's messaging security solutions. Proofpoint will include the Voltage IBE technology as part of the new Proofpoint Secure Messaging module which adds policy-driven encryption features to the Proofpoint Protection Server software and Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway appliance. The Proofpoint Secure Messaging module, powered by Voltage IBE, encrypts outbound email based on customizable policies, right at the email gateway.

Proofpoint's identity-based encryption features provide protection for sensitive information without the administrative burdens and infrastructure costs typically associated with secure messaging. Advantages include: end-user simplicity, Proofpoint Secure Messaging operates transparently to end-users without requiring software downloads or the installation and maintenance of desktop encryption clients. Proofpoint's solution automatically encrypts and decrypts sensitive content as required, without end users having to use and manage complicated digital certificates or encryption keys; simplified key and certificate management, using Voltage IBE technology, public keys are generated on-demand.

Ongoing maintenance of certificates and Certificate Revocation Lists is not required; minimal data storage and archive requirements, Proofpoint Secure Messaging simplifies the storage, backup, and recovery overhead usually associated with message encryption. Using IBE, messages and keys do not need to be backed up or stored for extended periods of time; low total cost-of-ownership, deployment and minimal ongoing management requirements are intended to reduce the ongoing costs associated with managing Proofpoint's secure messaging solution. The Proofpoint Secure Messaging module will be available in August 2005. Pricing begins at $20,000.