ProofHQ Introduces Automated Workflow to Accelerate Content Review and Approval Process

Apr 07, 2014

ProofHQ, the leading provider of cloud-based content review and approval software, has released Automated Workflow, a feature which provides marketing project managers with a simple way to automate the time-consuming, manual tasks required to complete their projects. Independent studies show that using ProofHQ cuts project delivery time by 56%, and the number of revisions by 29%.

With Automated Workflow, the company addresses the challenge of efficiently routing content through the various stages of the approval process. Customizable workflows identify the interconnected workflow stages necessary for each project, add the right people, and timelines and set it up once in ProofHQ. When it's time for the next review phase to begin, everyone is automatically notified. If a certain workflow is regularly used, it can be saved as a template. The Automated Workflow diagram gives real-time visual feedback so it's easy to see what stage the project is in.