Progressive Releases Vasont 8.0

Jan 21, 2003

Progressive Information Technologies has announced the release of Vasont 8.0, the latest version of its flagship content management system for cross-media publishing. Combining digital asset management and content management functionality, Vasont 8.0 is designed to handle the creation, management, and publishing of content ranging from basic text and graphics to audio and video files. Vasont 8.0 will be available this February as a client/server or Web-based system. New and enhanced features of Vasont 8.0 include: multi-language translation management; built-in customizations; asynchronous processing; performance enhancements; integration of XSLT; enhanced versioning; security access; and expanded application programming interface (API). Unlike Web content management systems, Vasont 8.0 is intended to repurpose content across all media, while maintaining enterprise-wide content integrity. Vasont 8.0 stores only one copy of the content in its repository and automatically updates content in all of its uses throughout the system once a user makes a change to the original content.

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