ProQuest to Add Oral History Videos

Mar 21, 2008

ProQuest will be adding a collection of one hundred oral history videos from The HistoryMakers, an African American video oral history archive to its Black Studies Center. Each video is two to three hours in length and accompanied by complete, searchable transcripts. Black Studies Center creates a framework for undergraduate and graduate level Black Studies courses. The interviews present full accounts of the person's early life, family history, education, and professional work. The interviews are of contemporary African Americans, many of whom were the first to break various barriers in business, science, medicine, education, and government. Black Studies Center’s The HistoryMakers collection includes interviews of Barack Obama, Reverend Al Sharpton, Gordon Parks, John Lewis, John H. Johnson, Julian Bond, Nikki Giovanni, John Hope Franklin, Terry MacMillian, Isaac Hayes, Alvin Poussaint, and many more. Each oral history video will include a transcript that is subject-indexed. Videos will also be browseable by name of interviewee, occupation, subject, and theme.