ProQuest Selects eMeta For Web Archive

Apr 18, 2003

ProQuest Company has implemented eMeta Corporation's eRights Suite to protect and provide commerce functionality for ProQuest Archiver. Specifically, ProQuest is now using the eRights Suite to manage the protection, packaging, pricing, and billing of online archive content for more 8,500 publishers worldwide. The eRights Suite has been deployed as the commerce backbone for ProQuest Archiver, a service that provides publishers with a turnkey, ecommerce-enabled online archive solution. ProQuest Archiver is used by newspaper publishers worldwide, including USA Today, The Associated Press, the Tribune Corporation, and Scottish Media Group. With the enhancements that the eRights Suite provides, ProQuest Archiver customers have greater flexibility in determining packaging and billing options for their customers. ProQuest developed ProQuest Archiver to allow periodicals to develop digitized custom archives of their online content.

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