ProQuest Licenses Taxonomy to Convera

Mar 23, 2004


ProQuest Information and Learning has announced a licensing agreement with Convera to use ProQuest's taxonomy, a system for organizing information in electronic content. ProQuest Information and Learning, a unit of ProQuest Company, creates and distributes databases to libraries and educational institutions. Convera, based in Vienna, VA, is a provider of search solutions. The new agreement allows Convera to use ProQuest's taxonomy to classify and organize information in its proprietary RetrievalWare software products. RetrievalWare solutions are designed to provide scalable, fast, accurate, and secure searches across more than 200 forms of text, video, image, and audio information, in more than 45 languages. ProQuest's taxonomy allows for the mapping and searching of subject fields. The taxonomy, created by an editorial team, is the basis of ProQuest's indexing and abstracting services. Convera is offering industry-specific cartridges, based on slices of the ProQuest taxonomy, to plug into RetrievalWare. Convera also offers software licenses for the cartridges, based on ProQuest content, to RetrievalWare users.  

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