ProQuest Launches ProQuest Central, Adds ProQuest U.S. Hispanic Newsstand

Jan 11, 2008

ProQuest has launched an aggregated full-text database for libraries. The new database, called ProQuest Central, will serve as the foundational research collection for academic libraries. ProQuest Central will offer more than 11,000 titles (8,000 in full text) and more than 160 subject areas covering core academic disciplines. ProQuest Central's coverage of over 160 subject areas include core disciplines such as business and economics, medical and health, news and world affairs, science, education, technology, humanities, social sciences, psychology, literature, law, and nursing.

Further, to meet both the need of increasingly diverse library communities, and for current news on the fastest growing minority in the U.S, ProQuest will soon launch a digital collection of U.S. Hispanic Newspapers available on a single interface. ProQuest U.S. Hispanic Newsstand will aggregate content from the nation's premier Hispanic publishers. ProQuest U.S. Hispanic Newsstand currently contains coverage from more than 30 titles representing both major cities with large Hispanic populations, as well as cities with growing Hispanic populations. U.S. Hispanic Newsstand will be fully searchable via the ProQuest platform. Subscribers will be able to cross search U.S. Hispanic Newsstand with their other ProQuest Newsstand subscription(s). It has content in both English and Spanish, and both languages can be used in searching for relevant articles.