ProQuest Changes eLibrary Platform

Jan 13, 2009

ProQuest has launched a change to the eLibrary research database. Available now, the new eLibrary will offer editorially selected results. The new eLibrary also integrates features familiar from web search engines, customized in-product web applications, media-rich content, and Web 2.0 interactivity. Two key features of the new eLibrary include "Smart Content" and "Content Creators." "Smart Content" combines eLibrary’s 65 million documents with editorially-prepared content. For most-queried and most-studied topics searched, results sets will display a "smart page" that provides biographical, historical, and other contextual information, in addition to eLibrary editors' top document and multimedia picks. "Content Creators" are in-product web applications that enable use of eLibrary content in all new, custom applications, such as timelines, that allow users to create and publish in a safe online environment. These user-created pieces can be saved on eLibrary for presentation or further collaboration and added to personal "My eLibrary" pages that capture and tag user favorites.