ProQuest Announces History Vault

Apr 05, 2011

ProQuest introduced the ProQuest History Vault, a digital archive which will store primary source content from University Publications of America (UPA). UPA resources, digitized for the first time, are being released in modules that match course curricula. Original archival arrangement schemes were preserved, and metadata records and PDFs of the original documents are packaged together at the archival folder level, replicating the experience of browsing through archival boxes. Users can also do faceted searching for fast, targeted results, and content management tools allow users to work with their findings and share them with others.

Hundreds of libraries worldwide have migrated to the new platform, which offers unique first-hand sources including records from federal agencies, letters, papers, photographs, scrapbooks, financial records, and diaries. Major events in history are indexed and those records are accessible through a timeline which helps to contextualize individual documents. ProQuest History Vault will eventually house 23 million pages of digitized archival content.