ProQuest Adds to CSA Illustrata

Nov 09, 2007

ProQuest has added a new copyright permission feature to CSA Illustrata: Natural Sciences as a free service for current subscribers. The new feature provides instant access to rightsholder information and offers the ability to secure permission to re-use any specific article that is identified within a search in CSA Illustrata through a direct link to Copyright Clearance Center's rights licensing database or to the rightsholder. The impetus for the new service came from customer interest in a new copyright clearance capability within the database. This new feature has been integrated into CSA Illustrata: Natural Sciences. Within the database, a new "Get Permissions" link will be made available on the full object record page, on the abstract plus thumbnails page, and in the thumbnail mouseover popup. Users clicking on this link will be able to obtain permission for the re-use of objects that appear within CSA Illustrata: Natural Sciences. In most cases, users who click on the Get Permissions link will go to the Copyright Clearance Center where details of the article and the available types of re-use will already be populated, but, in selected cases, the link will go directly to an email address or a publisher webpage.