ProQuest Adds New Texts From The Netherlands and Florence to Early European Books Program

Aug 16, 2011

ProQuest's Early European Books program expanded its range to include digitized books from the National Library of the Netherlands and a new installment of content from the National Central Library of Florence. The online service, which digitally archives rare and early modern printed books from the birth of printing in the 1450s to the year 1700 from European libraries, now includes more than 6,500 books, and is expected to grow over the course of the next year as more libraries join.

The release from National Central Library of Florence includes examples of printing from German-speaking towns that pioneered printing in the 15th century in addition to Italian literary and religious texts and early editions of the Classics. The texts from the Netherlands are key historical texts, including primary source documents from the Dutch Revolt against Spanish rule and the age of Dutch exploration and colonization, giving insights into the period in which the Dutch Republic was formed. Medical and scientific books from the Wellcome Library in London are expected to be added to the database this fall.