Primedia Chooses E-Book System's Digital Flip Technology

May 18, 2004


PRIMEDIA has selected E-Book System's Digital Flip Technology for the online versions of Import Tuner. E-Book Systems was founded in 1998 with a mission to bring the natural look and feel of the paper-based book into the domain of computers and the Internet. E-Book System's products make use of its Digital Flip technology to deliver multimedia content such as digital photographs, text, and music via a 3D Page-Flipping interface, which appears as a virtual book or album.

Published by PRIMEDIA, Import Tuner is targeted toward the youngest and most lifestyle oriented automotive enthusiasts. Import Tuner also covers covers fashion, music, and entertainment trends as well as product testing, hands-on installation techniques, and race coverage. Now visitors to can click on a link to download the magazine and install FlipViewer, which allows visitors to view the magazine as it appears in the printed version. Once the program is downloaded and for all subsequent visits, the reader clicks on the magazine link on the site and the FlipBook version of the publication will open. Import Tuner will also use another one of E-Book's products, FlipAnalyzer, which tracks the usage of FlipBooks in terms of page views, click throughs, and time spent reading content pages and ads and will generate reports to help the publisher manage the effectiveness of their FlipBooks content distribution strategy.


PRIMEDIA is currently offering a special rate to charter subscribers to the digital version of Import Tuner. An annual subscription to the digital version is priced at $14.97, representing a 50% discount from a traditional print subscription.  Single digital copies have a price of $2.97.

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