Presari Launches New Search Tool, Delivers Choice to a Universe of Search Engines

Sep 13, 2017

Presari lets people select where they get their search results from. With just a click or a touch this search tool operates on desktops or mobile devices like a TV remote. Only instead of switching stations you select search engines, and your results open up for you.

You can enter a keyword and do a Google/Bing side-by-side comparison, and then flip from Facebook, to Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube, other social media, and then to prime and online news media, and then to whatever authoritative sources you wish to choose. 

There are over 1,100 search engines to choose from in over 30 categories, all hand-selected. Presari also lets people tailor and personalize their search dashboard. The company says you can avoid the glut of advertising, marketing, and popularity driven results that impact online research and learning.