Launches Social Search Engine

Jan 20, 2006

iLOR, LLC has launched PreFound, a community-oriented search engine that lets people find, tag, and share information including multimedia such as video, MP3, and podcasts with each other. The Web-wide search site delivers results for any search based on what others have already found on any topic. is based on the premise that people can identify relevant sites with greater precision than a traditional search engine. On the site, searchers type a keyword or phrase into PreFound's search box to receive a group of results. Each group of links has been gathered by an individual user or groups of users during previous Web-wide searches. Those super-targeted results are then arranged by popularity within the community to ensure relevant results are at the top of the list.

Another feature of is its ability to tag and store links to multimedia in the same space as graphic and text links. With's PFfinder tool, searchers mouse over a link no matter where they are on the Web and a small box appears to keep track of links the user selects. Searchers can keep the information, share it with friends or upload it to the rest of the PreFound community at The PFinder tool is available free from and presents searchers with four options: Anchor Here, where a small window opens containing a link to the page a user left. With that window available, searchers are free to move deep into a Web site and then use the anchor to go back to the originating page without the need to hit the Back button repeatedly; Maybe, I'll Look in a Minute opens a link but behind the page a user is currently viewing; This Link is a Potential Find puts a copy of the link selected in the PFinds box to look at later and potentially save; and This Page is a Potential Find puts a copy of the page currently viewed in the PFinds box to review later and potentially save.