Postmedia Network Joins Freckle IoT's Open Beacon Network

Sep 10, 2015

Freckle IoT, a technology company dedicated to mobile attribution for brands, and Postmedia, a publisher of English-language daily newspapers in Canada, announced a new initiative that will bridge the gap between digital and physical experiences. The companies will work together to integrate the Freckle IoT Software Development Kit (SDK) into mobile apps from Postmedia's publisher brands, which represent some of Canada's most historic and best known media brands including The Vancouver Sun, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen and Calgary Herald.

As more consumers turn to mobile devices to access information on the go, this relationship will allow readers to leverage their opt-in location data to surface personalized, exclusive content, and branded offers at optimal times. The combined technologies from Freckle IoT's Open Beacon Network and Postmedia's publisher application base complement the publisher's mobile offering to provide integrated, measurable media opportunities to brands.