PossibleNOW Announces Extension to OnePoint Platform in Support of CCPA At IAPP Show

May 07, 2019

PossibleNOW, a provider of Do Not Contact compliance, enterprise consent, and preference management solutions, announced the launch of a new module for CCPA compliance within its OnePoint platform at the IAPP Global Privacy Summit show in Washington, D.C. OnePoint is a workflow tool that manages activities associated with maintaining compliance with critical privacy, security, and compliance tasks.

The CCPA module provides companies the ability to define workflows in support of Consumer Privacy Requests customized around their existing data inventory. This application can be deployed quickly and can scale for large organizations.

OnePoint is a technology solution that provides effective, ongoing management of critical privacy, security, and compliance tasks. OnePoint automates critical activities and provides a centralized location for visibility and monitoring of regulatory standards and requirements on an ongoing basis to help organizations leverage a proactive compliance model.

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