Portal Technology Buyers Face Difficulties, Says New Report

Mar 24, 2006

Research finds enterprise portal technology buyers struggle with adoption--as portal products target different use-cases and customers grapple with oft-immature tools, performance bottlenecks, implementation delays, cost overruns, and poor usability.

The Enterprise Portals Report was released by CMS Watch, an independent analyst firm that evaluates content technologies for prospective solutions buyers. The report provides an overview of best practices and detailed surveys of 13 portal products. Key findings include: Portal technology vendors target divergent use-cases, and no single platform excels across the broad spectrum of portal applications; Despite supplier consolidation, portal software remains a comparatively immature technology, with vendors and customers alike struggling to address chronic performance problems, usability shortcomings, and low adoption rates; Several products are slated for upgrades this year; Open-source portal projects offer alternatives to commercial products, but tend to focus on Web Publishing and Collaboration over more Transactional use-cases; and Portal solutions are often acquired at the senior executive level, with lukewarm welcome at departmental levels. CMS Watch reports are available at the Web site. Discounted pricing applies when purchasing both the Enterprise Portal Report and the latest CMS Report.