PortAuthority Technologies Releases v5.0

Oct 31, 2006

PortAuthority Technologies, Inc., a provider of Information Leak Prevention (ILP), has released PortAuthority v5.0, the next-generation of its ILP solutions. PortAuthority 5.0 protects information in more than 370 file formats, including structured and unstructured data, text and graphics, and CAD documents. PortAuthority also expands total protection of information to data-in-use by delivering content-aware protection of unauthorized copying of confidential documents to portable media such as USB drives or CD-ROMs.

The PortAuthority Graphical User Interface has been redesigned to provide "3 Clicks Manageability" for reporting and compliance where users can typically manage policy violations from investigation to remediation with three clicks. With more than 150 pre-built policies and reports, as well as automated data classification and protection, PortAuthority 5.0 enables deployment for enterprises and global organizations. Policy-based enforcement and encryption, as well as migration from auditing to prevention, provide organizations with a flexible solution for preventing information leaks. In addition, PortAuthority's new product provides a distributed architecture and hierarchical management and remediation, and scales to tens of thousands of users and millions of documents. PortAuthority 5.0 includes case management tools to manage policy violations, report trends and investigate events through their complete life cycles. Advanced urgency-based views allow administrators to detect the incidents that require immediate attention. Finally, PortAuthority 5.0's forensics engine provides enhanced details for HTML documents, including Outlook mail and other types of documents using HTML.

PortAuthority's new products are the industry's first to integrate monitoring and enforcement in a single appliance. PortAuthority 5.0 can be deployed in multiple modes, including transparent mode providing passive monitoring, in-line mode for monitoring and enforcement, and proxy mode using ICAP integration with content proxies. In addition, PortAuthority 5.0 is Documents Right Management (DRM) ready and can be used to protect documents outside the firewall by integrating with different DRM products, automatically adding rights management capabilities to any document or email authorized to be sent outside the network.