Podcasts are coming to Google Play Music

Oct 29, 2015

For iOS users it is hard to imagine that Google Play didn't already offer podcasts, but Android users will soon be able to subscribe to popular podcasts without the help of a third party app. But Google Play Music just announced a new self-service portal for podcasters in the U.S. to begin uploading their shows.

Google Play is getting into the podcast game (just in time for season 2 of Serial). More than a dozen of the most popular podcasters and podcast networks have signed up on Google Play Music including: Earwolf; Gimlet Media; HBO; Head Gum; HowStuffWorks; Nerdist/Legendary, Public Radio International; Radiotopia/PRX; Slate/Panoply. It is not yet known when Android users will actually be able to access the podcasts through Google Play.