Plumtree Launches Applications Program and Radical Openness Product Strategy

Oct 14, 2003


Plumtree Software has unveiled a new product strategy of Radical Openness, and launched a new Enterprise Web Applications program.

A sampling of the Enterprise Web applications being developed by Plumtree and its customers and partners include: Cognos Executive Dashboard and Scorecarding Application for executives to survey performance indicators; MediaEdge Gavel Application: for courts to access the video, audio, and documentary evidence related to a case; SEEC's Integrated Customer Service Application for insurance agents to interact with customer account and policy information from multiple systems; HandySoft Sarbanes-Oxley Application for finance departments to monitor and manage corporate governance processes; Innerlink Homeland Emergency Response Operations eSystem (HEROS): for local governments to aggregate homeland security information and services; Plumtree Evaluation Center for prospective customers to collaborate with Plumtree and research potential solutions; Plumtree Sales Productivity Application for sales people to manage opportunities and access intelligence and marketing materials; and Plumtree Support Center for Plumtree customers and partners to get technical and developer support. To recruit additional partners developing Enterprise Web applications, Plumtree has launched an application partner program, with registration at

Plumtree has also announced four new customer Enterprise Web deployments. Pioneer Natural Resources has built Enterprise Web applications for monitoring oil production in the fields, reviewing financial scorecards, and facilitating online HR. Ford Motor Company has built a European Dealer Network application to drive sales and enable dealer self-service in 18 countries across Europe. Syncrude has assembled 150 Enterprise Web applications for over 5,000 employees, partners, and contractors, centralizing access to hundreds of systems, providing production dashboards, self-service HR, and cost tracking. Des Moines University has deployed Enterprise Web applications for students, faculty, and staff, facilitating learning, providing self-service HR and eliminating hundreds of separate intranet sites university-wide.

Plumtree has also outlined plans to release a J2EE version of its portal software with support for Sun Solaris, IBM AIX and, later, Linux operating systems. Sun has affirmed support for Plumtree's Radical Openness strategy and anticipated Plumtree's J2EE portal on the Sun platform. The planned J2EE version of the Plumtree Corporate Portal provides an entirely Java object model. The Java portal uses the same Web Services Architecture as the Plumtree Windows-based portal, so that both versions can connect via HTTP protocols to the same set of integration, content management, and collaboration Web services. Plumtree will continue to actively support a .NET version of its portal.

The four major planks of this product direction are: Shared services--Plumtree is planning to re-architect its products so that search, security, collaboration, content management, and integration services are available to any application, including competing portal sites. Modular applications--Plumtree is working with applications partners to develop a standard for embedding entire Web applications in the Enterprise Web's security, navigation, and search frameworks to give users a unified experience across different applications. Mutant flexibility--Plumtree is working to develop new integration points for storing Enterprise Web content in foreign repositories, synchronizing the Enterprise Web's collaboration engine with project management systems, and building composite forms based on fields in enterprise systems such as Siebel, Oracle and SAP. Enterprise productivity--Plumtree is looking to systematically integrate with the desktop tools people use every day, such as Microsoft Office applications, email, and instant messaging to capture the efforts of individuals in an enterprise framework for collaboration and knowledge management.