Plumtree Announces Applications Incubator Program

Mar 23, 2004

Plumtree Software has introduced the Plumtree Applications Incubator, a program that supports partners building service-oriented applications using the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite. The program offers qualified application partners engineering, marketing, and sales support, with an engineering team dedicated to co-developing Plumtree-powered applications, subsidized marketing forums for approaching Plumtree's install-base, and opportunities for co-selling with Plumtree's sales force. To support its inaugural application partners, Plumtree is offering eligible partners a one-year OEM license of the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite beginning at $25,000 per quarter.

The Applications Incubator program is designed to empower companies to build service-oriented applications quickly and at low cost, using industry-standard Web services interfaces to incorporate security, integration, search, collaboration, content management, and workflow capabilities into their own products. Unlike programs that limit developers to a single application server and one set of development tools, Plumtree's program allows partners to build service-oriented applications using a variety of development environments, languages, and application servers, maximizing the application's addressable market. Plumtree's application partners are free to develop their own user experience, create their own security roles, and operate from their own administrative domain within the Plumtree Enterprise Web Suite.

To help partners design, develop and market their applications, Plumtree has formed an applications organization that includes an applications engineering group led by Plumtree's former VP of engineering, John Hogan, and an applications business development group led by Plumtree's former managing director of Asia-Pacific, Jay Simons. Partners enrolled in the program get: Development and demonstration software licenses; Access to a developer knowledge base; Developer and peer-to-peer moderated discussions; Code samples; and Online application development training courseware. These resources are available to participating application partners through the Plumtree Application Center, a new self-service partner support site at

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