Platformic Introduces Embedded Content Tool

Mar 27, 2009

Platformic, an end-to-end online web development environment and content management platform, introduced its Embedded Content Tool. The new addition to the platform enables users to add digital assets from their media libraries and embed them within articles or text on their websites. Content, such as video, photos and audio, or any of Platformic’s tools, including ads, blogs, slide shows, polls, archive tools, RSS feeds, and others, can be integrated within the body of an article. The Embedded Content Tool allows users to add or change video, audio, PDFs, PowerPoint, and other files. The system’s interface-driven CSS style sheet builder allows users to customize the appearance of embedded media. Multiple stacks of embedded media can be positioned on either the right or the left side, for instance, and each block can be formatted using the same style sheet or a different one. Blocks can also be reordered or edited within a new tab on the text editor.