Platformic Announces New Version of Online Web Development and CMS

May 05, 2009

Platformic, an end-to-end online web development environment and content management platform, announced version 3.0 of its enterprise web development software, Platformic 3.0. Platformic has a built-in point-and-click mechanism for building layouts visually and a browser-based building capability and cascading style sheet (CSS) template generation tool. Platformic users can import a flattened Photoshop file of their website using the Image Guide. The Platformic system automatically builds a nested CSS structure. Complex nested structures can be navigated as the page structure is organized. Tool Tips show users where they are within the CSS structure and reveal the properties of each container. Other new features include a Video Feed Tool, which allows a video to be dropped into any area of the screen. Platformic automatically ingests and transcodes.avi, .mov, and .wmv files into Adobe Flash. Videos can also be added to multiple feeds for advanced categorization and archiving. Embedded links can be optionally displayed for sharing on popular social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.