PlaceWare and ViewCentral Partner to Provide Enterprise Solutions for Training, Marketing, & Sales

Nov 05, 2002

PlaceWare, Inc., a Web conferencing and collaboration service for Internet-based business communications, and ViewCentral, Inc., a pre-and post-event management solutions provider, have announced a partnership to provide complete, end-to-end enterprise solutions for training, marketing, and sales functions. The new PlaceWare RegistrationPro, sold through PlaceWare, will enable users to automate the marketing, manage the delivery, and analyze the results of virtual or in-person events such as business meetings, training courses, webinars, and product launches. PlaceWare RegistrationPro enables conference and event managers to schedule events, provide self-service registration and payment (if needed), market, and deliver virtual events, survey and follow-up with participants, and export event data into SFA, CRM, ERP, or other applications. Providing a global view of enterprise wide events, PlaceWare RegistrationPro allows a company to schedule and plan Webinars, sales meetings, briefings, symposiums, and training programs months in advance, and track and measure the results in real-time. PlaceWare is introducing PlaceWare RegistrationPro, an option customers can purchase depending on their registration needs. PlaceWare RegistrationPro for virtual training manages the scheduling, advertising, registration, payments, communications, follow up, and reporting for virtual classroom training. PlaceWare RegistrationPro for online seminars enables businesses to create, manage, and conduct real-time, interactive conferences. PlaceWare RegistrationPro for classroom training automates the processes of managing in-person classroom training. PlaceWare RegistrationPro for in-person seminars automates the scheduling, registration, communication, logistics, and management for these events.