Pixsy and Quigo Announce Partnership

Mar 02, 2007

Quigo, a provider of site and content-targeted, auction-based advertising, and Pixsy Corporation, a media search platform that powers private label image and video search engines, have announced a partnership. Under the agreement, Quigo and Pixsy will create private-label, location-and topic-specific visual search portals that will include relevant visual content along with contextualized, performance based advertising. Pixsy will also deploy a private label version of Quigo's AdSonar platform on its sites. Pixsy's Media Search Platform is designed to enable consumers to search for multimedia content including videos and images of local points of interest or relevant topics such as entertainment, hotels, museums, sporting events, or restaurants.

These targeted portals will integrate with Quigo's AdSonar online ad network, designed to enable local and national advertisers to offer content-targeted messages on a pay-for-performance basis. The first deployments are scheduled to launch later this quarter. Pixsy will use its proprietary technology to capture, index, and deliver the most current and relevant thumbnail images and video. Users will be able to access this location-and topic-specific visual content when they search for keywords such as travel, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, golf, or shopping. Quigo will deploy a customized private-label version of its AdSonar platform to enable local and national marketers to bid on pay-for-performance advertising that will be targeted to the video and image content on these sites. Content and advertising will be dynamically updated as well.

(www.pixsy.com; www.quigo.com)