PixelPass Brings Low-Cost Subscriptions to the Web

Jun 10, 2005

Bloggers and other Web sites now have an opportunity to generate income from the content they produce with the use of PixelPass, an Internet application that makes low-cost Web site subscriptions simple and easy for both the provider and the subscriber.

PixelPass was designed to serve sites with subscription fees under $20. PixelPass creates a new subscription model, which is targeted at bloggers and other content providers operating on a relatively small scale.

The application works by placing an obscuring layer over Web site content that prompts visitors to sign up for a one month, non-recurring mini subscription to the Web site. The obscuring layer is created with the use of a line of code PixelPass supplies to Web site owners. It is free for Web site owners to sign up, and PixelPass takes a percentage of the revenue generated by subscriptions.

For Web site owners who don't generate enough traffic to make online advertising a viable revenue channel, PixelPass offers a subscription tool that will enable Web sites to generate income by charging what the market will bear.

PixelPass is designed to allow Web sites the ability to charge very small amounts for access to their content. This "mini subscription" model is based on small fees starting as low as $0.25 and not exceeding $2 per month. Because all billing is done through PixelPass rather than the Web sites themselves, the user has anonymity not possible with the traditional Web site subscription model.