PixAlert Introduces Enterprise Software Suite to Protect Corporate PCs

Feb 22, 2005

PixAlert, a software supplier that aims to protect firms' PCs from inappropriate and illegal images originating from any source, has announced the North American introduction of its flagship product, PixAlert Enterprise. The PixAlert Enterprise software suite delivers a multi-source image detection and analysis solution that is designed to provide comprehensive protection against inappropriate and illegal images originating from network entry points and PC add-ons. Such sources may include gateways, media, USB ports, 3G cellular, and WiFi hotspots. PixAlert Enterprise is available immediately for between $18 to $25/client machine; PixAlert also provides a variety of implementation and auditing services.

PixAlert Enterprise is comprised of PixAlert Monitor and PixAlert Auditor: PixAlert Monitor provides multi-source image detection and analysis. It resides on all corporate computer assets, watching screen content for inappropriate or illegal image content. When an improper image is viewed, a record is created in a machine specific audit log and an alert is sent to the administrator console. When an alert is received, the designated administrator, who can initiate appropriate action, can view a thumbnail representation of the image, along with the machine name, user name, date-time, and the program used. PixAlert Auditor provides stored image detection and analysis. It is deployed from a server, runs locally on a suspect computer, or can be deployed to scan multiple computers on a network. It carries out an audit scan of the images stored on a corporate computer asset and ranks them on the basis of their inappropriateness. Suspect images, which transgress a pre-defined threshold, are presented to the designated administrator in a gallery. The scan provides a report on its findings and the administrator can add any inappropriate images found to a case file. PixAlert Auditor can also remove inappropriate images stored on computers.