Offers Alternative to Information Overload

Dec 13, 2012, an Oslo-based web startup, introduces an alternative to information overload and mass content sharing. The new technology lets people send "pings" - relevant content recommendations - straight to designated recipients instead of sharing to a public stream, as in traditional social networks. And unlike e-mail accounts, the inbox has no address that can be reached by unsolicited content.

Like an e-mail, it requires users to add recipients -- individuals or groups -- to any ping, which makes the message personal and relevant. The sender needs to decide who might be most interested in the page he pings.

Unlike an e-mail, however, a inbox is available only to people and groups a user accepts. It has no address that could be reached by spammers. In order to ping, a user just needs to paste a link within or use the browser button when visiting any page. Recipients are immediately notified and can join the user online to 'like', comment or reping the link. What's important, they don't have to register in order to receive pings, so unlike many social platforms, an early adopter doesn't have to convince all of the friends to sign up.