Picturesafe Integrates With Quark Publishing System 7

Nov 02, 2007

QuarkAlliance partner picturesafe and Quark Inc. announced an integration between the digital asset management system myCONTENT and the newly announced Quark Publishing System 7 (QPS). myCONTENT now offers the basis for sharing a common repository for QPS 7 objects, metadata, and additional digital files. Due to the tight technological integration between the Quark and picturesafe systems, all media is directly available to the QPS 7 workflow. Publications created in QPS 7 are automatically stored in myCONTENT, and content is allocated to defined sections, such as an image archive, a text archive, the advertising archive or a page archive. The Categorizer automatically scans the articles, analyzes content, and categorizes it according to appropriate specifications. Existing links between assets are maintained. Second cycle use and online publication are possible, and supported by the necessary accounting functions offered by myCONTENT's eCommerce module.