Picdar Announces Version 2 of Media Mogul jSuite and New Workflow Products

May 24, 2005

Picdar has announced new releases of its Media Mogul workflow and digital asset management solutions. Picdar is launching Version 2 of its strategic Media Mogul jSuite enterprise solution; this content management solution is designed to give publishers the opportunity to step-change the way they handle content - copy, images, pages, and so on - to publish newspapers, magazines, and Web sites.

Media Mogul jSuite is intended to personalize the viewpoint for each individual according to their role, interests, and history. The aim is for editorial users to achieve order and add creativity in an environment otherwise cluttered by new and archived information. New features in Version 2 include a better user interface, collaborative tools, and an array of image management and selection facilities. These build on the page and story management tools in Version 1. Media Mogul jSuite is a J2EE application that can be implemented on most server platforms and applications server architecture, with secure networked internet or intranet access.