Pica9 Launches New Brand

Apr 24, 2018


Pica9, a marketing software firm headquartered in Manhattan, is unveiling a new brand, as it will be focusing on their standalone SaaS product, CampaignDrive. The firm will launch the new brand this week on its website and social media profiles.  

Hand-in-hand with this concept, the Pica9 brand, website, and social media profiles have undergone visual changes to reflect both the company’s shift in direction, and that Pica9 is going to market with an emphasis on CampaignDrive as the primary name. CampaignDrive is a marketing platform that helps you leverage brand power for local impact.

CampaignDrive by Pica9, serves as the marketing on-demand platform for more than 100 multi-location brands and over 100,000 local marketers (franchisees, dealers, and retailers) worldwide. Whether it is solving for the high cost of marketing operations in multiple locations or for inconsistency with global brand standards, CampaignDrive’s customer success experts serve as strategic partners to help your business maximize the impact of your marketing materials. By combining advanced digital asset management and content management capabilities with dynamic templating tools, CampaignDrive says it makes it possible to maximize value for your local partners with timely, relevant, and on-brand assets, effectively improving brand integrity, accelerating time-to-market, and decreasing marketing production costs by up to 95%. CampaignDrive helps you distribute marketing collateral quickly, with support from experts who understand your business.