Phelios Releases Freeware Software Tool

Sep 13, 2005

Phelios has announced the release of an offline internet software tool for Webmasters called, "RSS Writer." The free software application is being offered to Web site owners who would like to offer an RSS feed of their own sites. RSS Writer is designed to benefit Webmasters who maintain their sites using the traditional HTML methods or are using templates for their sites that do not create and automate updated XML files for RSS syndication.

The interface of RSS Writer streamlines the user experience, whereby the Webmaster enters the site information, then inputs the title for each item, links, and descriptions. Following input, RSS Writer creates an XML file and the Webmaster must then upload the file. Each time they update their site, they must also do the same with their XML file then upload it. RSS Writer is available for both PC and Mac, and is available to download from the Web site.