Pheedo Introduces RSS Analytics Engine

Nov 15, 2005

Pheedo, a RSS advertising solutions company, has introduced a new analytics engine designed to help publishers of all sizes manage, optimize, and track their RSS feeds. Publishers can gain complete control over their feeds, optimize delivery, and better market their RSS inventory to advertisers.

Pheedo allows publishers and advertisers to intelligently produce integrated advertising campaigns across multiple mediums, including weblogs, and RSS feeds. With Pheedo's Analytics Engine, publishers can: Analyze subscription information in a variety of ways designed to allow the publisher to view the growth of their feeds and track trends over time; Report content viewing patterns designed to give the publisher insight into how readers reacted to specific content; and Evaluate what types of aggregators are requesting the feeds, allowing the publisher to know how their feeds are being seen by the user and what types of devices they are being viewed on. Pheedo also provides RSS advertising and analytics capabilities on a self-serve basis to small and medium-sized publishers and to individual bloggers.