Pew: Tablet, E-Reader Ownership Doubled Over Holiday Season

Jan 24, 2012

The Pew Internet and American Life Project found that the number of U.S. residents who reported owning a tablet or an e-reader nearly doubled between mid-December and early January, jumping from 10% to 19%, according to paidContent.

Pew attributes much of the growth in the market to lower-priced tablet and e-reader options, namely Amazon's Kindle Fire and the Barnes & Noble Nook. However, Apple has faced little competition for its iPad. The number of people in lower income brackets who owned one of those devices grew faster from December to January than the increase in ownership among those with household incomes over $75,000, according to the survey.

Pew conducted a pre-holiday survey of 2,986 people between November 16 and December 21. Post-holiday data come from the combined results of two surveys: one conducted January 5-8 among 1,000 adults and another conducted January 12-15 of 1,008 adults.