Personalized Content Better Helps Achieve Objectives

Mar 22, 2016

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There are now few places within the customer journey that can't be bolstered by content, finds  "Content Marketing's Evolution: The Age of Hyper-Personalization and Automation" released from Seismic, an end-to-end sales enablement solution, and Demand Metric. According to the more than 180 B2B enterprise stakeholders surveyed, lead generation (70% of respondents) is the most cited objective for B2B content marketing initiatives, and sales team support and enablement (64%) is the second-most cited objective, surpassing both thought leadership efforts (58%) and web traffic generation (56%), among other objectives. Eighty percent of respondents also indicate that these objectives are better met when content is personalized.

However, many B2B marketers remain only in the beginning stages of a content personalization process, as indicated by additional key findings from the report:

  • 55% of respondents have only been personalizing content for two years or less.
  • Of those not currently personalizing content, 59% cite a lack of technology, 59% cite lack of bandwidth, and 53% cite lack of data
  • 67% of respondents are performing content personalization via an entirely manual or mostly manual process
  • Only 40% of those who are personalizing content are currently leveraging CRM data to inform their efforts
  • More than half of respondents are currently considering, implementing or using content automation solutions to personalize content

The report also delves into near-term future prospects of content personalization, revealing that it is top-of-mind for the majority of B2B executives. Seventy-six percent of respondents indicate that their organization plans on increasing the use of personalization over the next 12 months; many are also looking to implement content personalization tools to help make the process more efficient and effective.