Perfect Search And Adhere Solutions Partner to Deliver One Box Extender for Google Search Appliance

May 15, 2009

Perfect Search Corporation, a developer of database searching technology, and Adhere Solutions, a Google Enterprise Partner, have announced a partnership to deliver Perfect Search's database indexing solutions through the Google Search Appliance. Called the One Box Extender (OBX), this product is designed to extend the Google Search Appliance to enable organizations to search database content though the Google Search Appliance's OneBox interface. Presently, Google Search Appliance users search their database content by sending the query through the OneBox Connector to retrieve results from different systems. The Perfect Search One Box Extender (OBX) for the Google Search Appliance enables search of Oracle, Microsoft SQL, DB2, MySQL, and any SQL compliant database without placing any additional load on these systems. The OBX integrates within the same Search Engine Results Page for database searches through the Google Search Appliance's OneBox API.