Percussion Software and Watchfire Announce Partnership

Jul 11, 2003


Percussion Software, an ECM vendor, and Watchfire, a provider of Website Management software and services, have announced a partnership to integrate Watchfire Compliance Connector (WCC) with Percussion's Rhythmyx 5 Enterprise Content Management system (ECM). In addition, the firms will conduct joint marketing and sales activities. Watchfire Compliance Connector is designed to enhance content management systems by testing Web pages managed by the CMS for quality, privacy, and accessibility issues. Watchfire Compliance Connector for Rhythmyx 5 incorporates automated compliance standards into the Rhythmyx workflow to help identify and correct more problems up-front. Pages that fail any of the pre-defined compliance tests are automatically passed back to the content creator during the workflow approval process. This reduces the likelihood that problem content will be posted to the Web and also lowers the cost of repairing problems that have gone live. Rhythmyx users will also receive Watchfire's detailed reports, which provide information about the health of Web sites, and allow users to both monitor content for standards compliance, and fix errors before they affect the visitor experience.

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