Percussion Software Spins Off Collaboration Division to Form "Axceler"

May 15, 2007

Percussion Software, a developer of Web Content Management (WCM) software for multi-channel applications, has spun off its collaboration division to create a new company, Axceler, which will be managed as an independent company with its own management team. Michael Alden, who has served as Percussion Software's president, will bring his experience to his new role as president and CEO of Axceler. Barry Reynolds, one of the founders who started Percussion Software in 1994, will continue in his role as CEO of Percussion.

Axceler offers a Lotus Notes / Domino administrative product, with a Notes-centric real-time data integration solution, as well as a Notes-based workflow product. The spin-off is designed to enable Axceler to continue to expand its mission to develop and deliver productivity tools for the Notes / Domino platform, with particular emphasis on administration, integration, and business process automation. Percussion Software and Axceler will maintain separate but adjacent offices at 600 Unicorn Park, Woburn, Massachusetts.