Percussion Software Selects Sybase OEM Products

Feb 03, 2004

Sybase, Inc., a provider of enterprise infrastructure and mobile software, has announced that Percussion Software, Inc., an enterprise content management software supplier, has chosen to embed Sybase's Content Capture Technology and Mach Desktop solutions into the Rhythmyx product line, in an effort to provide its customers with a unified solution for accelerated content delivery in conjunction with their content management system.  Percussion selected Sybase Mach Desktop, a lightweight embeddable user experience server, and Sybase Content Capture, an embeddable content integrator.

Sybase Mach Desktop acts as a user experience server and is designed to deliver many kinds of user experiences, including portal, collaboration, traditional Web, limited landscape, occasionally connected and mobile device. Sybase Mach Desktop's collaboration and portal capabilities allowed Percussion to extend the Rhythmyx product line for teams and workgroups. Sybase Mach Desktop provides customers with a unifying presentation and delivery framework for multiple applications and content sources so they have the data they need to make informed business decisions more quickly. With Sybase Mach Desktop, content is deployed to traditional Web and limited landscape users as well as occasionally connected, Wi-Fi, and other mobile device users. Sybase Content Capture Technology is a toolset that is designed to extract, aggregate, and integrate information to provide a targeted view of data.