Percussion Software Partners with Advanced Software to Integrate DocuComp Comparison Technology into Rhythmyx Content Manager

Oct 29, 2002

Percussion Software has announced a technology integration partnership with Advanced Software, Inc. (ASI). Percussion will embed ASI's DocuComp comparison engine into the next release of its enterprise-scale content management system, Rhythmyx Content Manager, expected in early 2003. DocuComp, best known as the "compare documents" feature in Microsoft Word, will enable Rhythmyx users to simplify the content review, localization, and approval processes involved with authoring and publishing Web content. As part of Percussion's attempt to extend more advanced content authoring tools to line-of-business users, DocuComp will enable Rhythmyx users to compare and contrast different versions of content and metadata and to analyze the content life cycle. This is intended to reduce the time needed to process content modifications and approvals as well as improve the workflow efforts of content creation teams. The DocuComp comparison engine uses pattern matching techniques to compare any two versions of a file, reporting inserted, deleted, replaced, and moved text. Rhythmyx is built around configurable engines that facilitate the production and aggregation of content without the need for custom coding. Rhythmyx capabilities include: Active Assembly, which allows business-level producers to group and arrange content into Web pages and documents without requiring new templates; and a Web services layer that enables content authors to use their existing content creation tools, and provides integration with external delivery systems such as portals, application servers, and asset management systems.

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