Percussion Software Introduces Rhythmyx FastForward

Jun 29, 2004


Percussion Software has introduced Rhythmyx FastForward, designed to serve the ECM needs of mid-tier enterprises. Rhythmyx FastForward is a series of enhancements to the company's Rhythmyx 5 Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, designed to speed implementation, deliver more application functionality out-of-the-box, and require less customization services to meet common customer needs. The Rhythmyx FastForward series is the first set of ECM product features specifically designed to address the application needs of the mid-tier enterprise market. Not an add-on product, FastForward is a feature set of Rhythmyx, and ships with Rhythmyx modules at no additional cost. Rhythmyx FastForward for WCM (Web content management) is the first of the series. It is currently in beta test and will be available next quarter. The second in the series, Rhythmyx FastForward for DM (document management) will be available later this year. Others in the FastForward series will be announced with future releases of Rhythmyx.

Rhythmyx 5 is an ECM solution that combines capabilities to solve the enterprise content management problems facing mid-tier organizations: content reuse and multi-channel delivery of documents, Web site content, imaging, and digital assets. Rhythmyx provides a De-Coupled Delivery architecture for cost-effective scaling; an Intelligent Relationship capability for proactively managing all content dependencies and connections; and Active Assembly, a graphical user interface for enabling business users to easily reuse content. Rhythmyx's Intelligent Relationships capability enables proactive management of the connections or dependencies among enterprise content ensuring no incorrect or untimely content is published. Active Assembly enables enterprise content to be organized and grouped for documents and Web pages without the need for costly and time-consuming template redesigns from developers.