Percussion Software Introduces Rhythmyx Express Portal

Nov 18, 2003

Percussion Software has introduced the newest addition to the Rhythmyx product line, Rhythmyx Express Portal. Rhythmyx Express Portal is a workgroup--as opposed to enterprise--portal, designed to enable organizations to achieve standard portal benefits more quickly and with less expense.

Capabilities of the Rhythmyx Express Portal include personalized content delivery, a library of pre-built and sample portlets, project collaboration capabilities, and content integration through a content capture feature. In addition, Rhythmyx users can choose to "live" in the portal and, using the Rhythmyx portlets, access the content contribution and management capabilities of Rhythmyx. Using Rhythmyx's De-Coupled Delivery capability, it provides a user-aware framework for personalized, dynamic delivery to intranets, extranets or Internets. Rhythmyx Express Portal is an add-on product to Rhythmyx. It provides portal benefits such as personalization, project team collaboration, and content integration capabilities.

Functions of Rhythmyx Express Portal include: Streamlined Content Delivery--integration with Rhythmyx 5 enables users to send content to the portal directly from the content management environment. No additional coding is needed; content is published to the portal from Rhythmyx 5. Portal-Based Content Contribution--a set of integrated portlets allow the user to access content in Rhythmyx from within the portal environment, enabling users to work within the portal while still having access to the capabilities of the Rhythmyx 5 content management system. Additional features of Rhythmyx Express Portal include: project collaboration capabilities including discussion forums, bullet in boards, team calendars, to-do lists, and file-sharing; a library of over 50 sample portlets; integration with a content capture capability; ability to display content based on metadata values derived from user profiles; administration for configuring user, roles, and groups; and built-in integration for AvantGo's mobile Internet service for delivering content to handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs) and smartphones. Pricing for the Rhythmyx Express Portal starts at $40,000. The product is available for immediate delivery.